Files Boxes

File Boxe
Boites filière a couvert

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Mise à jour des coûts Octobre 2015

Files Boxesare a category of boxes we have developed to meet market demand.Box of conventional legal size 15 3/4 x 12 3/4 x 10, it is suitable for standard industrial needs. Easy to stack on each other, these boxes are shipped flat and can easily be stored in a dry and controlled. We have also developed a parallel set of these boxes called “archiving boxes” with PH control option (neutral acid)


Typical applications files boxes

  • Industry record of archiving
  • Storage of personal property
  • Transport boxes (handles)

Features Files Boxes

  • Diecut tooling required
  • POSSIBLE custom size (length, width, height)
  • Several grades and resistances offered with development
  • Many colors availablePas de carton Multi
  • Customizable with possible print
  • Repellent treatment and / or waterproof also available
  • Easy to assemble (single fold)
  • Delivered flat on pallet


These files boxes are customizable.

  • Printing 1 or 2 colors available.
  • Whatever the area employed (printed on all possible sides)
  • Only plates fees are applicable during the first purchase (price depending on the size)
  • The method of delivery and assembly of boxes is layed flat.
  • Buildable easily by simply folding door locks and shutters.
  • Subject to the same features as the regular boxes RSC as that offered different grades, thickness cardboard flutes, colors and various treatments.