Die-Cut Boxes / Pre-Cut Boxes

Die-Cut Boxes / Pre-Cut Boxes

Boîtes prédécoupées

Die-cut boxes / pre-cut boxes are one of the most diverse types of boxes

This type of box offers the greatest possible freedom to create a custom package. Whether with front closure, dust flap, inserts and internal support, as well as all kinds of construction and assembly options.

We will list some models and some available options, but one of our representatives would be able to develop with you the concept that will best meet your needs.

Note that almost all derivatives  specials boxes are  pre-cut boxes

  • File BoxesBoites à tirage BRUNE
  • Draw Boxes
  • Various transport boxes cut (style transport boxes)
  • Hundreds of other models

But we will try to stick to the image presented in the preface, which will be more than enough to demonstrate the range of possibilities.

Typical applications Die-Cut boxes / Pre-Cut boxes 

  • Transport boxes and general shipping
  • Storage boxes
  • Transport boxes adapted to content
  • Product presentations boxes
  • General Gift Boxes

Features  of Die-Cut boxes / Pre-Cut boxes 

  • Required toolsPas de carton Multi
  • Custom size (length, width, height)
  • Several grades and resistances offered
  • Several colors available
  • Customizable with possible print
  • Repellent treatment and / or impermeable as possible
  • Easy to assemble (often simple folding)
  • Delivery flat on pallet

Die-cut boxes  / Pre-Cut boxes are customizable

Explanation:montage boite découpée

  • Printing 1 or 2 colors available
  • Whatever the area employed ( printing  on all possible sides)
  • Only expenses for printing plates are applicable during the first purchase (price depending on the area)
  • The method of delivery and assembly of the cut boxes is flat
  • Buildable easily by simply folding and locking tabs.
  • Subject to the same features as the regular boxes RSC as that offered different grades, thickness cardboard flutes, colors and various treatments.

Some possible models and a quick visual (clicking the image you will have the assembly mode)

 dieline Front Tab Lock  dieline fermetue tuck  dieline format economic
Boîtes prédécoupées - Rabat frontal  Boîtes prédécoupées - tuck close  Boîtes prédécoupées - economic front tab
 dieline autofold lock  dieline boite standart straightline  dieline boite avec crochet
 Boîtes prédécoupées - tuck lock  Boîtes prédécoupées - Straighline  Boîtes prédécoupées - straighline with hang tab
 boites avec fermeture  Boîtes prédécoupées - dust with lock


Possible options

  • Printed 1 or 2 colors
  • Laminated 4 color process
  • Dress with jacket
 Boîtes prédécoupées - Model  Front tab lock  avec impression  Boites prédécoupées - Front Tab Lock avec lamination  4 couleur  jacquette pour boîte prédécoupée