Booths Panel

Booths Panels – study carrel isoloirs pupitre

Cardboard panels, once in place allows isolating a workspace

Used in academia as booths for student desks, it prevents plagiarism.

In a polling station allows the voter to exercise his right in confidence.

Specs – Size

Basic format (kraft – brown 2 sides) isoloirs en carton

cardboard voting booths
◾Facing 18 inches long (45.7 cm)
◾Side panel  of 16 inches (40.6 cm)
◾Side panels and general height 11 inches (27.9 cm)

We can also manufacture to meet different needs

  • colors
  • Dimensions
  • Personnalised with printed surface

• Affordable and reusable
• Light
• Ecological
• Easy storage (just reusable crate)
• Fits any type of console
• Customizable (cardboard Equipment)
• Avoid Plagiarism
• Delivery across Quebec

Sold  in 30 pack  :

1 to 10 cases:              $ call to get  price     / case
11 boxes and more: $ call to get  price     / case
+ Carrying fees