Gable boxe

Gable boxe and pet carrying box

Printable Pet carrying Flyer ( french Version) … Boites a animaux small

Boites a animaux Publicité

This type of transport boxes can be used to fulfill the needs of any other transportation or to enhance the presentation of your product lines. Such boxes can also be used as gift packaging and promotional packaging.

Customizable in size and color, we can also add windows to visualize the Inside product easily .

All these products can be personalised with insert and pads to maintain a good positioning and protection of packaged products.


Typical application for gable boxe

  • Transport boxes for animals
  • Lunchboxes
  • Boxes for plants and perennials
  • Resale product boxes
  • Gift boxes (wine, cider, microbrewery beer, salad dressing … others)


  • Required tools
  • Custom size (length, width, height)
  • Several grades and resistances offered
  • Several colors available
  • Customizable with possible print
  • Repellent treatment and / or impermeable if possible
  • Easy to assemble
  • Delivered flat on pallet

The transport boxes ( gable boxe ) are customizable.


  • Printing 1 or 2 colors available (flexographic)
  • Lamination 4 color process is also available (minimum quantity required)
  • Whatever the area employed (printing is possible  on all  sides)
  • Only the costs of printing plates are applicable during the first purchase (price depending on the area)
  • We will  develop custom insert for good support and protection of the product to be packaged.

Tooling required

  1. Die-Cut tooling      ( 1st purchase only )
  2. Printing tooling   necessary   (1st purchase only )

boite de transport bouteille

 Kraft ( Regular cardboard)   boite pour bouteille Kraft  Oyster white 1 or 2 sided matte or brightboite pour bouteille Blanche  boite pour bouteille blanche montées
 Printed 1 color on white cardboard Boite 3 Bouteilles   Upper ViewBoite 3 Bouteilles TOP   Back sideBoite 3 Bouteilles DOS

Do not hesitate to contact us. A representative can help you define the type of transport boxes that will meet your security needs of transport and showcase your product.