Simplex Tray

Double Sidewall/Double Endwall Simplex Tray


The sidewalls of the Simplex Tray are glued by machine, shipped flat to the customer, and then hand erected. It can also come with a lid, either connected or separate.


For this style, the depth (1) of the inner end panel is generally less than 1/32 inch (board thickness), and the inner end panel is generally offset (2) 1/32 inch. The depth (3) of the inner side panel is generally less than 1/8 to 1/4 inch. The outer side panel/gusset (4) is offset 1/32 inch. Both the gusset angle (5) and the locking tab angle (6) would be 45 degrees.*


The Simplex Tray is commonly used for custom food boxes, custom medical boxes, and custom retail boxes (for apparel).

Typical Applications of a Simplex Tray Box

  • Simplex Tray Boxes is commonly used for customized food boxes,
  • Customized medical boxes
  • Customized retail boxes (for clothing).

Features of a Simplex Tray

  • Tools Required
  • Custom format (Length, Width, Height)
  • Several colors available
  • Several grades and resistances offered
  • Personalized with possible printing

Other similar models

Other available models

The Simplex Tray box can be customized.


  • Color printing
  • Regardless of the area used (printing on all sides possible)
  • Plate fee applicable on first purchase (price per area)