Six Corner (Point) Beers (a.k.a.) Biers

Six Corner (Point) Beers (a.k.a.) Biers

Six Corner (Point) Beers (a.k.a.) Biers FIG 1 Six Corner (Point) Beers (a.k.a.) Biers FIG 2

The Beers is glued by the converter and shipped flat to the end user. It is typically set up and loaded by hand. Refer to the four corner Beers for alternative corner flap configurations.*


Carrying Box for light products

Typical Applications of the Six Corner (Point) Beers (a.k.a.) Biers

  • Box for food transport ( cake, donuts, cupcake, chicken , sandwich)
  • Commonly used for customized food boxes,
  • “Fast-Food” service boxe
  • Customized retail boxes (for clothing).
  • other

Characteristics of the Six Corner (Point) Beers (a.k.a.) Biers

  • Tools Required
  • Custom format (Length, Width, Height)
  • Several colors available
  • Several grades and resistances offered
  • Personalized with possible printing

Other similar models

  • Simplex tray
  • 4 corner beer tray with top tuck closure

The the Six Corner (Point) Beers (a.k.a.) Biers is customizable


  • Color printing
  • Regardless of the area used (printing on all sides possible)
  • Plate fee applicable on first purchase (price per area)