4 Corner Beer Tray

4 Corner Beer Tray

4 corner beer tray 4 corner beer tray - Fig 2 four-corner-beers-tray-fig-3

This style is glued by the converter and shipped flat to the user, and it is generally assembled and filled manually. The standard version is indicated in Figures 1 and 2. Figure 3 shows the “stay-up” or “full drag” alternative.  The combination of an end panel diagonal angle of less than 45° (43 1/2° typically) and a non-tapered glue flap causes the glue flap to “drag” across the bottom panel. Natural friction causes the carton to resist collapsing once erected.*

4 corner beer tray


Carrying tray


Typical Applications of 4 corner beer tray

  • Tray for drinks transport
  • Commonly used for customized food boxes,
  • “Fast-Food” service tray
  • Customized retail boxes (for clothing).
  • other

Characteristics of 4 corner beer tray

  • Tools Required
  • Custom format (Length, Width, Height)
  • Several colors available
  • Several grades and resistances offered
  • Personalized with possible printing

Other similar models

  • Simplex tray

The 4 corner beer tray can be customized.


  • Color printing
  • Regardless of the area used (printing on all sides possible)
  • Plate fee applicable on first purchase (price per area)