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Box for electronic magnifying glass for visually impaired people

Box for electronic devices closed.
Protective membrane for electronic devices.
The electronic device Reveal 16.
Protective side membrane for the electronic devices.
Inside view of the protective cardboard membrane for electronic device boxes.
Inside view of the cardboard protective membrane for electronic devices.

Mandate description

Our team had the mission to design, manufacture and customize a box to package an electronic magnifying glass for the visually impaired. To adequately protect this costly device, we needed to manufacture a shock-resistant packaging to withstand possible drops during standard shipping. Special attention was also given to the camera on top of the unit to protect it from the weight of other boxes placed above during transportation or storage.

Box characteristics

  • Model : RSC box
  • Length : 21 1/8 in.
  • Cardboard type : Fluted with double wall, Kraft
  • Width : 18 1/8 in.
  • Cardboard grade : ECT 51 BC
  • Height : 6 3/8 in.
  • Printing : 1 colour on black
Electronic magnifying glass for the blind.

Criteria to respect for the packing box

The packaging of the magnifying glass had to meet several manufacturing criteria:

  • Ecological (no use of styromousse and plastic)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong enough to withstand a 30-pound device
  • Storage space required for wires and power adapter
  • Shock and fall-resistance
  • Increased protection for the camera on top of the device

Design & manufacturing process for electronic magnifying glass box

To create this customized box and packaging project, our experts met with the client to discuss the project and evaluate their needs. After a week of brainstorming and designing, we created a prototype to present to the client. We then manufactured a functional box prototype to test the various criteria to respect: device protection, required storage space and package protection. After going through multiple phases of improvements and alterations, we began the production of the finished product, printed the boxes and delivered the final product which offered high-quality protection, is eco-friendly and is ready to welcome the electronic magnifying glasses for visually impaired people.

Example of a custom lid design with center-front opening to see the product.
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